For many years now, hotels and bars have been inseparable. In fact, it is surprising to find a hotel without a bar section. Some hotels even go as far as having a spa. Thus, it is important to ensure that the bar in your hotel is one that is attractive to your customers, This will not only ensure improved profits, but it will also give your hospitality business what it takes to beat off competition. One of the ways to ensure your hotel bar attracts customers is to have good bar stools. So, how do you choose bar stools for the bar section of your hotel?

Choose a Good Design

Your customers have different tastes, and you will want to try as much as you can to please all of them. This is where the online shop, Royal Design, will come to your help. At this shop, you will find bar stools of various different designs, which include but not limited to the following designs:

Backless: This is one of the most popular designs in the world, and you will find them in most hotel bars. They tend to be handy when you are after saving space as they are compact. If you like hiding your stools below the counter, they are also a perfect design for that purpose. With Royal Design backless bar stools, you will be spoilt for choice. Choose from Happy stools, Stone stools, Dot bar stools, Tricia stools, Daisy Stool, and many more.

Backrest/armrest stools: If you are looking to keep your customers more comfortable, then you can consider buying stools with armrests and backrests. This way, your customers will be able to sit for longer hours, ordering drinks as if they will never order again. Royal Design will never disappoint you when it comes to this style of bar stools.

Foldable stools: Portability is an important aspect when it comes to bar stools, and you will want to ensure that your customers sit where they want, as long as they are not negatively impacting your business. As such, you can expect them to be moving the stools to the locations they feel it is appropriate for them. That is where foldable stools prove to be ideal. Royal Design offers this style of stool as well.

Besides style, other factors you may want to consider include comfortability, durability, and decor. Most Royal Design stools are upholstered to provide the comfort your customers need. You will also find stools of various different colors, including black, amber, brown, gold, and white, among others. These are all meant to suit your bar decor. Want durability? Choose from Royal Design’s metal bars stools, as well as leather upholstered stools, which guarantee long service.