Imagine coming back to your college hostel after a long day of classes only to find it dull and unwelcoming! Transitioning from a cosy home environment to a tiny and sometimes hectic hostel can be challenging. But with a few simple tips and tricks, you can turn your college hostel into a comfortable place that feels like home.

Decorate It

Decorating your hostel doesn’t have to be expensive. Use items that you already have around the room. You can find inexpensive curtains and bed sheets at your local discount store or paint/print your own posters to hand on the walls.

Another way to decorate your hostel is by using wallpapers. With dozens of online stores selling top-quality pieces at affordable prices, you can find them easily. Choose a wallpaper that suits your style and preference. For instance, if music is your thing, why not go for wallpapers with images of your favourite musician?

Keep it clean and organized

Keep your space organised by putting everything in its place. Sweep and clean the floors as soon as they get dirty; don’t wait for the dirt to pile. It also pays to spread your bedsheets every morning to ensure your bed looks awesome all day long.

Have Good Furniture

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your college hostel room, then invest in some good furniture. Like anything else, you don’t have to break the bank unless you want to.

Set boundaries

Establish rules about when and how often friends can visit, and be strict about enforcing them. This will help keep your hostel clean and organised and give you more time to focus on studying.