Many budget hostels do not allow their guests to smoke inside the establishment. This is due to the fact that it is a shared space. The owners will not want the health of other customers put at risk. Furthermore, cigarette smoke has been known to stain walls and cause lingering unpleasant smells. However, there is a handy solution.

The hostel might be more liberal with rules related to the use of nicotine in a non-smoking form. The patron might decide to order nicotine pouches from the website Northerner and bring them to the hostel. They can then subtly consume the product without anyone even noticing.

Northerner supplies a wide range of popular nicotine pouches. They come in plenty of different flavours. Mint ones will appeal to those who want a fresh experience. For those with a sweet tooth fruit pouches are available. The website provides a fun nicotine experience at a very reasonable price.


Within the UK legislation could come into place which prohibits under-18s from purchasing nicotine in its pouch form. Luckily the vast majority of hostel guests will already be past this age. Furthermore, many hostels only admit those of adult age anyway.