When you are staying in a hotel or hostel there are a few things that you should and should not do. It is a good idea to make sure you are aware of these in advance to avoid making any mistakes that could get you thrown out.

Things to avoid

The first one is the main point – smoking. Hardly any hotels or hostels around the world allow you to smoke, although in some places you can book a smoking room. Many countries have now made smoking illegal in public areas or any place where the smoke from a cigarette might affect other people. There are undoubtedly health benefits to giving up smoking and everyone should be aware of the dangers of passive smoking.

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Personal safety

You should make sure you take all the safety precautions that you can when you are staying in a hotel or hostel. This includes locking your door at all times, using the safe for your valuables and making sure that no one can access your room along a balcony or verandah. It is recommended that you do not travel with too many valuables, because it may appear to opportunists that you are wealthy and you could become a target. This is just a personal safety issue that you should always be aware of – most hotels and hostels do not have incidents where guests are robbed.

Think about your booking

In a hotel you will get the choice of B&B, half board or full board. You should consider carefully which one you want. Half or full board commits you to meals at the hotel, but B&B gives you more freedom to go out and try other eateries. If you choose half or full board you will be paying more, and while you can still eat elsewhere if you wish, this is only feasible if you have a flexible budget. It is worth considering the costs of where you eat before deciding which option is best for you.