Anybody who has undergone any kind of surgery will realise that there is a prolonged period of rest and recovery necessary. Typically, in order to attain your previous levels of activity and fitness, you will be encouraged to do very little for a few days or even weeks. However, this is undoubtedly easier said than done! When you are recovering in your own home, there is always the temptation to do some housework or gardening that might set you back.

Consider a Hotel for Rest and Recovery

One idea is to actually book a stay in a hotel for a few days following your surgery. For example, suppose you have recently had anatomical implants from Motiva. In that case, you really need to relax and take care of yourself. There are many advantages to staying in a hotel rather than your own home. For example, your hotel room will be cleaned daily. There won’t be any need for you to risk straining yourself by having to handle a heavy vacuum cleaner.

The bed will also be made for you, and this is one chore where you need to bend over, which may be uncomfortable if you have had anatomical implants, as your breasts might be sore for a few days. Having said that, if you opt for surgery from Motiva, their skilled surgeons will ensure that that procedure does not impact your daily routine too much. The recovery time will be relatively quick, and there should be minimal scarring.

Taking Exercise to Aid Recovery

Although you shouldn’t be undertaking any heavy household chores, a limited amount of exercise will help you recover more quickly. Try and find a hotel that has some attractive outdoor space, perhaps a sheltered garden where you can take a daily walk. If the hotel has a spa or fitness suite, you could try some gentle swimming, but do take the advice from your Motiva surgeon as to the earliest time you should attempt this.

No More Cooking

Another advantage to staying at a hotel is that you will have your meals prepared. You won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen, which can be very tiring. And perhaps if you don’t feel like eating very much after having your anatomical implants, the staff will be happy to prepare a light meal for you.

Why stay at home when a hotel helps with your recovery?