Looking to explore the world but don’t make six figures? There are lots of ways you can make your money go far and it starts at home, with the planning”


Choose a destination that’s within your means. If you’re looking at European cities that tend to be more expensive, you’ll have to cut back elsewhere. If you want your vacation to be a long, meandering one, choosing a country much cheaper than your own will work out better. Don’t forget to factor in distance as the farther the country, the larger the cost of airfare.


Once you’ve picked a destination, budget out your travel money. You’ll need to begin with return flights, then add in any in-country travel. If you need to opt for the lower end, consider public transportation, ride-shares, and cycling if it’s not so far.


Accommodation is often one of the most expensive parts of your trip. Now that you have a budget for travel and have an idea of the price of the area, you can narrow down how much you’re willing to spend on accommodation. You can choose between high-end, mid-range, and budget hotels, and private or shared rooms in hostels, as well as a mix of all of the above

Extra tips

Traveling during off-season for the location will also keep your budget down. But bear in mind off-season for some places may mean monsoons, snow, rain, or high humidity. Another good idea is to give yourself a daily or weekly budget for food and sight-seeing activities. Keep these costs low by finding free museums and galleries, packing your own food and drinks for day trips, and eating out for lunch instead of dinner.