If you are actually travelling on a budget, one of the options that you should consider is shared hostels. They always come in handy, and especially when you are just looking for a place to sleep after your day’s activities. While they provide cheap accommodation options, shared hostels can have some disadvantages, especially when some do not adhere to the etiquette. You should not be one of those individuals who end up annoying the people they stay with. Some of the etiquette for staying in shared spaces are as follows.

  • Limit noise: When people go into the hostel, all they want is to relax and rest. It is rude to keep making noise. Do not shout, even when on phone conversations. You should also not play loud music that will distract other people. If you have to listen to music or watch a movie, use headphones.
  • Respect privacy: The fact that you share space at the hostel does not mean that people want you in their private areas. Avoid lingering too close to someone’s bed unless you have been invited. You should also not touch people’s property without permission, lest you be accused of stealing.
  • Keep conversations light: One of the benefits of staying in shared hostels is that you get to meet new people. There are many advantages of talking to strangers, but you should make sure that you are not being offensive. Avoid talks about sex, religion, politics and other controversial topics and keep things light.
  • Clean up after yourself: Hostel stays mean that you may have to share some utilities, including kitchens, bathrooms, and a dining area. You should always clean up after yourself without waiting to be reminded. Even your personal space should be cleaned before you leave so that the entire room looks neat and habitable.

Always put yourself in the shoes of other people, and try your best to ensure that everyone around you is comfortable.