Need some ideas for where to go on your trip? Looking to keep the costs down but still need to get away from it all? Here are some of the top budget travel destinations for US citizens.


Your next door neighbors! If you’re right near the border, lucky you, you hardly need to go far at all. In fact, check your travel options as you could turn your vacation into a big of a road trip. There are some truly beautiful places in Canada, from the Rocky Mountains and open scenery, to exciting cities like Montreal. Take advantage of the good exchange, good cheer, and home away from home.


On the other side of the border lies a whole other culture and country filled with beauty, amazing food, and hot weather. The Peso offers a great exchange, meaning you can fill up on incredible food on your budget, as well as being still close to home.

Eastern Europe

If your budget trip is a lengthier one, maybe you fancy venturing further afield. Eastern Europe is filled with beautiful countries that go easy on your wallet. From the dazzling beaches of Croatia to the old cities of Poland and incredible scenery of Slovakia, don’t let this area miss your list.