Traveling used to be a privilege reserved only for the rich, but in 2018, it’s something accessible to everyone and anyone. If you’re especially savvy and good at making your money go far, you’re probably a pretty good traveler. If not, here are some tips and hacks to keep your costs down:

  • Pack lightly

Try to keep everything confined to one main bag on your travels. This way you can save money on baggage fees, as well as save time and possibly stress if your bag goes missing. This also means less laundry if you’re staying in hostels. And of course, muscles that aren’t as sore.

  • Haggle

It might be completely counter-intuitive to your nature, but learning to haggle can be invaluable. Do a little research beforehand to make sure it’s culturally appropriate to barter for price. In countries like Turkey, bargaining is part of the culture and an expected skill to learn, whereas others may find it shocking or offensive.

  • Buy local

Eating out can be a nice treat, but it’s also expensive. Check out your nearby markets and buy seasonal produce for home-cooked meals that support local farmers as well as your budget.

  • Hostels

Staying in hostels can greatly reduce your trip price. Bonus budgeting for room shares.

  • Book incognito

Use the incognito function on your browser for any travel you book online to avoid price raises as you’re searching for flights and transport.

  • Ride-share

Check out ride-share websites to cut down on travel costs, as well as getting to know other travels along the way.

  • Rent bikes

Weather permitting, cycling is a great way to get around an area that’s too large to walk. You’ll see so many things you wouldn’t in a taxi or on a train, save money, and get some good fresh air and exercise along the way.

  • Network

Chat to market vendors, hostel workers and guests, and basically anyone up for conversation! You’ll not only make a friend, but learn tips and get personal recommendations that you may not find in guide book and you may even get yourself some free stuff!

  • Walking tours

Find a local, licensed tour to learn more about the area from someone who knows their stuff. Many walking tours are free, but the guides work on tips, so be generous!