Hotels and hostels are making a concerted effort to be more eco-friendly, green, sustainable, all of which mean pretty much the same thing. This can mean cutting down on electricity usage, water usage, using less harmful chemicals, having a strong recycling policy, keeping the local culture alive, and using locally sourced products. Here’s how to know when a hostel or hotel is sustainable.

Firstly, if your accommodation is sustainable, they’ll likely want you to know about it quickly. Look out for a certification of sustainability, which they’ll probably want to keep visible. This will usually be in the form of a Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) certificate.

If there is no such certificate, that doesn’t always mean they’re not trying to be green. Ask to speak to their sustainability representative, or quality assurance. If there is an on-site restaurant or cafe, inquire as to if they source their produce locally.

Once you check into your room, look around. Do they clean towels daily or request that you keep them hung up for more usage? Do they provide mini toiletry bottles of everything, or package in bulk to reduce waste?