Traveling responsibly is something we can all do. This starts with where we stay. Hotels that aren’t acting in an eco-friendly way are a major part of the problem, but by avoiding these places, we can send a message and stay in places that are better for the environment.

Look for certification

If a hotel is green, they’ll want to tell you. Look for either GSTC or LEED stickers and certificates.


In the lobby, what are the recommended activities? If they’re supporting local communities, you’ve got a green hotel on your hands.


As where they source their food from. The more local, the better.


Look for trash cans in and around the hotel. Is it just one trash can for all, or are they separated into recycling compartments?


Does the hotel have solar panels or LED lights? This is a good sign. Do rooms contain motion-activated lights or light bulbs that are energy efficient?

Cleaning products

Check out the bathroom. Does it smell highly chemical or are they using more natural products?

Bike rental

A hotel with a bike rental scheme is a good sign. They are promoting green transport, and you’ll often get ‘points’ depending on the length of your stay that go towards this rental.